Over the past few months we’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of agricultural drone photography and videography in Worcestershire. This involved doing some drone flights to capture videos and photos which can be used to show the journey of dredging the trout fishing pools.

Making the most of video content and video repurposing

Clips from this documentary video we created can also be used to produce a “coming soon” promotional video for marketing the fishing pools. Therefore, this means that the video footage can have multiple uses. It is worth considering other uses for the video such as creating short clips for social media at the start of the quotation stage. Thinking about other uses of the content can help you shape a stronger videography marketing strategy.

By using the drone, this enabled us to follow the movements of the excavator, gain height for an overview shot and allowed us to capture multiple shots from all angles.

Why use Agricultural Drone Videography and Photography?

Agricultural Videography and Photography can be used in a multitude of ways depending on the purpose of the videography or photography project.¬†Professional Drone Videography and Photography can help you create agricultural marketing content for your website, social media platforms and offline marketing. Whether you are a diversified farm operation, agricultural dealership, agricultural machinery or tractor brand…visuals can speak to your audience for you.

Content creating for your agricultural brand, diversified farm operation or agricultural business can give you a different dimension to marketing. Our videography and photography is bespoke and tailored to your individual requirements.

Our Agricultural Experience Extends Past Drone Flying…

Adam is from a family farming background and when he’s not got a camera, phone or drone controller in his hand…can usually be found driving agricultural machinery on the family farm in Worcestershire. By combining agricultural and content creation, we believe its a great blend of skills and experience for the Agricultural sector.

Contact us to discuss your bespoke agricultural drone videography or photography project.