When we talk about “building brands” we think of the large high street stores and multi-chain businesses. However, when you look at building the brand of smaller businesses, we talk a lot more about what you plan the brand to be, who you want it to appeal to and what the aim is.

  • Personal brand – for small businesses which are luxury, a personal brand can be a huge factor in winning business. People buy from the people running the business, the owner needs to be the face of the business ideally and deal with customers face to face!
  • Corporate brand – for businesses who are wanting to expand from the personal brand image or want to become a market leader, the next step is to make it more corporate – think logos, branding colours, website, social media, print marketing. These are all aligned to say “we are good at what we do” essentially. This is best used for businesses who want to grow outside of their comfort zone, or want to “build a brand” leader.

OVERVIEW: In my opinion, the personal brand works very well on social media platforms and websites, people connect with you much more – make sure you, as the business owner have your image and presence felt (regardless if you employ a team of people or not). If you are planning an expansion growth plan, a mixture between both personal and corporate brands can work, if done correctly. Just always think – what would you like to see from the brand? Don’t get too corporate that customers lose interest!

OUR BUSINESS: We have and always will use the personal brand for our business – making it personal, reliable and efficient is what we stand for, as well as building customer and supplier relationships.