Celebrating our 8th year in business this October is an achievement. Every little win is a win.

We have worked tirelessly throughout the past 2 years of the pandemic to keep pushing forward and expanding what we’ve built over the years. For some of you, you will have seen my posts on social media giving others tips of what I’ve learn along the way (on our Facebook and Instagram stories).

We plan to do a video later in the year going into more detail about business tips and my lessons I’ve learnt the hard way. We will do another blog post once that video launches online! Don’t forget to also subscribe to my YouTube channel or our social media for behind the scenes, recent work and business tips.

Business isn’t easy, its tough to start with and even harder to expand. There’s hurdles, challenges and moments. You may think “what am I doing this for?”. However, business is one of the most exciting, fun and real world life experiences!!

Here’s some of the tips and lessons I’ve learn so far over the past 8 years in business…

  1. Never give up – no matter what happens. Business takes time to grow
  2. Always be resilient – both financially and mentally
  3. Marketing and sales – go hand in hand
  4. Spend time working on the business as well as in the business! (THIS one is MEGA important)
  5. Support network – because business is lonely
  6. Time out & “switching off” – because business is life and energy consuming. Switch off by doing different activities away from business. My hobby of drone flying as well as helping out on our family caravan park and farm keeps me balanced
  7. Stay grounded – business and social media isn’t all about “flashing the cash” or “looking successful”. Therefore, give people an insight into your daily business life as well as business related promotional advertising/marketing.

I hope this will help those of you who are feeling stuck in a rut, starting out or scaling your businesses!