Farm diversification is highly important for the long term future of small holders, medium sized farms and farmers livelihoods. Now this is a topic that am I hugely passionate about, but also we are actively improving our existing farm diversification on our own family farm in Worcestershire. We are constantly improving our tourism and leisure diversification, something that was started in the 1960’s.

Planning your farm diversification to future proof…

Diversification is important because not only are grant payments and support becoming less than they use to be but also the uncertainty of end product prices. Without future planning and long term thinking, small family farms are going to be struggling to make a profit in the years to come.

Whether you currently have some type of diversification on your farm and looking at improving or expanding it; or are diversifying for the first time. Research, research and research some more!

Its highly recommended to chat with an accountant, planning consultant and/or a solicitor depending on your individual circumstances.

Some types of diversification you could research;

  • Tourism and Leisure – self catering, holiday lets, caravan park, glamping, camping, fishing…
  • Energy Production – solar, wind, hydro…
  • Business Units

*** This blog isn’t to be taken as advice, it is simply providing what we are doing ourselves and is just giving ideas for your own research. ***

Professional Photography and Videography can assist you with marketing….

Marketing your farm diversification is key to its success. Professional Photography and Videography is part of how you can market your farm diversification. Take a look at how we can help you on our Commercial Photography and Videography. We are also hoping to eventually do a video series to help other farmers and landowners see what we are doing on our family farm – this will be in a vlog type format.