Small Business Promotional Videos can be used in a number of ways that many aren’t aware of, or think are too expensive. Video content marketing is a great way to shout about your small business.

Video marketing tips and ideas…

Videos for small businesses are a useful way to stand out from the crowd and create unique fresh content. We specialise in working with small businesses, property professionals, agricultural, holiday accommodation / holiday lets, tourism and leisure businesses. By offering both videography and photography we can help businesses create content for marketing their business. Here’s a few ideas…

Case Study & Testimonial Videos

You can create case studies and testimonial videos for your website and social media are powerful. Best for service businesses where you can include what you do (e.g. perhaps the use of the drone or ground based footage of what has been achieved). To give you an idea of who could use this, here are some examples; architects, manufacturing, builders and property developers.

Interview & Documentary Videos

Got a story to tell? A documentary type video is ideal for business owners who want to convey their business story, why they set the business up, their ethos and services.

Interview videos can also be good regular content generator depending on your audience and your aims. This won’t work for every business but can work for businesses where you collaborate or can share ideas. For example, we could collaborate with interior designers for example to share both our knowledge on how to prepare properties for sale and what we look for when photographing them.

Video Tours

Want to showcase your property or business? Our property video tours help you to show the property, location and features/USPs. These are our most popular. Ideal for property professionals, property developers as well as holiday accommodation, holiday homes, caravan parks, glamping parks and tourism and leisure businesses.

General Business Overview Videos

These videos give customers a snapshot of what your business is about. Small Business Promotional Videos can include a mixture of things about your business, from; seeing behind the scenes/location/premises, what you do/provide or talking to the camera. These are to help you connect with customers and give them an insight into your business, ethos and values.

Promotional Marketing Videos

Small Business Promotional Videos are great for social media. These tend to be short clips to grab the attention of users. Some say 10 seconds, some say 30 second clips. It all varies, and all depends on what you need to pack into your video to give it a context. Marketing videos can also be used on websites as well as social media, or you may want two created (one short video or one long video).

Chat with us about your Small Business Promotional Videos…

Being a small business ourselves, we love to produce video marketing content for like minded businesses. Working across Worcestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Powys and Wales. We will also work UK wide on larger projects.

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