Released: 14/05/2020

Adam Richard Jones is very pleased to announce we will be adding Property Video Tours to our service offering very shortly. New equipment is on order and will be with us next week. We’re doing this now because time is of the essence. We plan to put together a brief demo video.

Owner, Adam said “Property Video Tours will expand our offering to meet needs. Therefore, helping property professionals; reduce costs by filtering out any unnecessary viewings (time wasters), be seen as embracing technology, and help vendors feel safer in their homes due to less physical viewings. I think Property Videos will become a major turning point for property marketing! We’ve explored doing it in the past, however I feel now is the right time to help our clients and their vendors.”

The new Property Video Tours will be simple because affordability is key. Therefore, we film a tour of the property, edit it and add some soft background music. Company branding can be added to the Property Videos for a polished finish.

To summarise, the final video gets sent to you via download link. You then can upload it to your chosen video platform (such as YouTube / Vimeo) and link it to your website / property portal and send out on social media. “We aren’t tying property professionals into contracts for hosting videos, it gets far too complicated for us both. The aim is to keep things value for money and effective!”

Finally, we are now taking pre-interest from all property professionals across Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire areas. Email Adam to discuss our Property Video Tours.

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