Property Photography Marketing Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, PowysPlanning your visual marketing – what to consider, when and for who. Visual marketing is an important part of any marketing your business does. It refers to photography and videography that can be used in multi-media campaigns; online and offline.

Since the pandemic, visuals have been used more than ever. This has resulted in property professionals offering video tours (and using it as a marketing USP). Similarly, car dealerships, yacht brokers and many other businesses are utilising videography for marketing. Whether its creating videos as promotional videos, video tours or simply speaking to the camera. This creates brand awareness, Unique Selling Points and customer focus.

Marketing, Advertising and PR are key to your business because without it, you don’t have a presence. Therefore, no customers!

How to plan your marketing and your marketing brief is simple. What is the main purpose of the video for?

Therefore, think about;
– What you are offering (e.g. a product, service, course)
– What your goal is (e.g. brand awareness, selling, promotion, lead generation)
– Where you are using it (e.g. social, website, billboards, tv)
– Who you are aiming the marketing at (e.g. age and location demographic)

Video marketing, property video tours and promotional videos are certainly an asset to help market your business or properties.

We are here to help assist you with crafting visuals that speak to your customers, take a look at our drone photo/video, commercial videography or property video tour pages to see what we offer!