Video content production can be really flexible in terms of your marketing strategy. Whether you use videos on a video platform, your website, social media or paid social media ads. For the video content production company, you outline your intentions of where and how you plan to use the video at the time of producing the specification/quote proposal. This is super important for licensing, making sure the video is the right format/resolution and understanding how long the video needs to be when editing.

Cutting videos into social media and paid advertising clips

This is one of the things we have been experimenting with on our own social media pages during 2022. Generally speaking, longer videos don’t tend to have the same impact on social media as shorter videos. People don’t have a huge amount of time due to the amount of content that is available online so you must grab attention.

If you need shorter videos and longer videos, its absolutely key to specify this at the time of getting a quote from us. We can then put together a proposal of what you need with the costs involved in the video content production.

Video is an exciting marketing tool because businesses of all sizes can use video in their marketing strategy. Whether you have a small or large budget.

Please be aware; that we don’t manage paid social media adverts or social media for our clients. These insights are purely from what we’ve learnt using video.

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