I am a big advocate of social media marketing for all businesses, however it works extremely well for Estate Agents, Property Developers and related businesses. Here’s why and what you can do…

Property Marketing On Social Media for Estate Agents and Property Developers;

  • Use video tours for properties? Get those posted out on social media because you can also post a link to the property listing (either to your website or a property portal site).
  • Tips on how to prepare / tidy up properties for Professional Property Photography. Also key for Viewings. This is because all vendors want to showcase and sell their properties at there best. Therefore it also helps sell properties for you = commission!
  • Include local information such as whats happening. Therefore, you are seen as part of the local community.
  • Post out Professional Photographs of Properties because you can also include “teaser” information and a link back to the property listing.
  • I know a lot of Estate Agents have some type of auctions. Whether agricultural machinery auctions, property auctions or even livestock auctions. Therefore, its another way to market your business.
  • Property Developers can use teaser photos of the builds progressing. Therefore, getting interest in the properties before they are completed. Along with including information (and tagging) who the instructed agent is on social media.
  • If the Property Development business also undertakes private work (e.g. construction arm to the business) – they can use past projects to show off there workmanship. Therefore, showing their business to potential customers.

These ideas will keep your Estate Agency Marketing itself for quite a time. These are also ideal for Marketing Property Developer businesses. If you need marketing consultancy for your estate agency or property development business – we are here to help.

We provide social media management, consultancy, training. Along with design and print services – ideal for site signage. Therefore, we can offer a complete property marketing solution from Professional Photography, marketing brochures, to social media and site signage. Contact Adam to discuss.