Small business video marketing is still a relatively new tool for small businesses. More and more small businesses are now starting to utilise and see the benefits of using video. It’s great to see!

The perception has been that its only for larger businesses and corporates. This may be due to small businesses thinking its expensive or time consuming to produce. This is far from true! Video, when created, produced and delivered properly can be cost effective. Video has a huge amount of benefits to help small businesses win over customers from competitors.

Why small businesses will use more video content…

Video marketing can be used in a manner of ways. Your small business video marketing should be tailored to your end goal. With so many video production businesses and content creators, small businesses will start to follow suit and use such services.

The planning should be considered in depth. Therefore you need to decide how and where you will use the video and the type of video. People still buy from people; therefore videos can help build rapport online. Whether you intend on a documentary style video, an overview of the business, a promotional / advertising video or a video tour. There’s so many possibilities when planning small business video marketing.

To give you some context to how video has become the new normal…

Property Professionals across the UK had to think of new ways to market properties through 2020 and 2021 due to the restrictions. Video was one way that we assisted our estate agents and property developers to keep the wheels moving in their business. We saw the opportunity of how we could do property video tours and it soon caught on with our property professionals. To sum up, video marketing for properties will continue to become the new normal and especially so when marketing multi-million pound country homes, mansions and farms.

Why we love what we do…

Being a small business ourselves, we love to assist small medium businesses with video production and photography. Helping them achieve their visual marketing goals and pushing their businesses forward.

We produce videos for small businesses and corporates a like. Whether you are a Property Professional, Holiday Accommodation Provider, Agricultural Business, Tourism & Leisure Operator. We can help you explore ideas of what can be done with video marketing.